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I am delighted to introduce to you the beautiful Canadian icon by my friend Regan O’Callaghan, an artist, priest, iconographer and teacher from London, England.

He has taught two icon courses in Guelph, Ontario and two in Hamilton in the last three years and his students are anxious for him to return.

It is a privilege for me to make his work available perfectly aligned with Christmas giving. Barbara (Barbara Susan Booth, Sacred Wisdom Centre)

Religious Icon - Archangel Michael and the Loon

Commissioned by a religious order of nuns in Ontario, Canada. Archangel Michael the protector of the universe gently holds a Loon and her baby. On his breastplate the maple leaf and in his hand he swings a thurible releasing a sweet incense which symbolises prayers rising to heaven.

All content is © Regan O’Callaghan 2017 and may not be reproduced.
Artist’s website: www.reganocallaghan.com

Distributed in Canada by Barbara.Susan.Booth@sacredwisdomcentre.com

11” x 14”, Fine Print of the Original 2017 icon by Rev. Regan O’Callaghan,
Matted and Wrapped in Cellophane - ready to frame.

Cost: $60.00 CAD including HST

Free shipping on 3 or more, single shipping costs apply

5” x 7” Cards and Envelopes of the Print in Cello Wrap

Cost: $6.00 CAD including HST

Free shipping on 6 or more, single shipping costs apply

2017 Latest News

Sacred Wisdom Centre is retiring Dec. 31, 2017. It has been a pleasure to serve you in Guelph bringing retreats, talks, workshops and performances to nourish your soul. Your participation and generous appreciation has made Sacred Wisdom Centre possible and sustainable for the last 11 years. Over 70 presenters have come to Guelph and have enjoyed the warm hospitality of our city.

I want to thank Brian Sutherland the webmaster of this site for his ongoing assistance for this entire time.

I have made a short 8-minute video summary “Memories of Sacred Wisdom Centre” to help me reach a sense of closure and to invite you to share our history.

It has been an honour and privilege for me to find a creative niche that has been so well received by you who attend the events. I remain grateful for the opportunity and for your support.

Warmly, Barbara

Barbara Susan Booth
Sacred Wisdom Centre
Nov. 18, 2017

In 2018, I personally am supporting Mariabruna Sirabella’s return to Guelph for:

  1. “Three Faces of Silence” a silent residential retreat focusing on the three Transpersonal Cards of the SoulCollage® deck. It will be held at Loyola House Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario.

April 27-29, 2018

All Contact: Barbara at Barbara.Susan.Booth@sympatico.ca

Registration: http://www.mariabruna.com/workshops/2017/9/26/the-three-faces-of-silence

  1. “East Coast SoulCollage® Facilitators Training” at St. Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario. May 4-7, 2018

All Contact: Margaret Grocke at magrocke@gmail.com

Registration http://www.mariabruna.com/training-schedule/guelph-on-canada-soulcollage-facilitator-training

  1. “Ritual and Ceremony for Personal Use” at St. Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, Ontario. Sept. 28-30, 2018

All Contact: Barbara at Barbara.Susan.Booth@sympatico.ca

Registration: Forthcoming.

June 16, 2018

I am also supporting Steven Martyn’s return to Guelph for a day workshop on Earth’s Sacredness June 16, 2018 at St. Brigid’s Villa ,Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Guelph, ON cost $75.00

All Contact: Megan Spencer at megan@thesacredgardener.ca

Registration: Forthcoming