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Freedom and the Air Element

Explore the four Intelligences of Air Element and integrate their presence in your life through creativity and movement.

The element of Air even in its physical form, wipes away the illusion of separateness. It cannot be bottled, it cannot be sliced. We cannot escape it and we cannot live without it and we inevitably share it. Air weaves an endless filament of connectedness between everything on the planet. Through Air we are in constant exchange. 

Air strips us naked down to our essence. It confronts us with the intangible forces that shape life as we know it, like Time and Space, and while it shows us our dependency and our minuscule size in the universe it also invites us to embrace our infinite potential. 

In stripping us naked of pretenses and illusions, Air gives us two gifts, it reawakens the whimsical wisdom of childhood that sleeps intact in all of us, and it invites us to the highest, most individuated and most mature degree of conscious freedom. 

As we face these intangibles with open eyes, transforming our judgements, fears, self limiting responses, we taste more and more the joy of inner freedom. We fly. 
During our time together you will encounter the Air Yeuàs (qualities of Nature) through simple movements, narrative, journaling, SoulCollage®, and creativity.


  • A deep exploration of the archetypal Intelligences of Nature based on perennial philosophy, the indigenous world view and a contemporary perspective
  • A framework for accessing their gifts of knowledge and transformation in our everyday life  
  • An understanding of how these Intelligences are part of our inner world, which reflects the outer manifestations of nature - and vice versa
  • Time and space to access and explore our own inner connection with these archetypal forces through SoulCollage® readings and journaling

The archetypal forces of Nature are known by all ancient wisdom traditions, who name and worship them and as divine beings that rule the animal, mineral and plant realms. Mariabruna has been exploring and experiencing sixteen prominent Intelligences, highlighting their universal appeal and the purpose they may serve in pursuing a Nature based spiritual practice devoid of institutionalized religious dogma. The encounter with these forces has deeply touched many who have seen their lives redirected towards a truer expression of their essential nature.

These qualities of Nature reveal themselves as a paradigm for deepening self- knowledge and a sense of belonging in nature, and for supporting ethical choices. Mariabruna calls them “Matrix Archetypes” because of their closeness to Source.  Her  CD “BodYnvocations” is the first product of well over a decade-long exploration and offers a simple yet effective movement practice related to the 16 chosen as a base for the School Of The Origins.

This workshop is part of the “Way of Nature” Curriculum and it is open to everyone.

SCHEDULE: Friday 7pm-9pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 9am-4pm.

The workshop fee Includes tuition, materials and simple lunch Saturday and Sunday

Please clearly mark dietary restrictions on the registration form

What to bring: extra snacks if you need to munch in between meals (although we provide some), water bottle (not a plastic bottle to discard - they are banned at the Villa), your scissors, a glue stick, any favorite color pencils, pastels or crayons you have, any magazine you are willing to share, any image of Water aspects you might have already saved; your pen and journal. If you are flying let us know and we will make sure you will find all you need here. Wear comfortable work clothing and bring a shawl if you like to work on the floor. Wear shoes good enough for being in a natural setting, especially if you would like to take a walk.

Materials provided: Blank SoulCollage® cards and plastic sleeves, drawing paper or other drawing surface; collage images, magazines, colored tissue paper, white glue.
Besides lunch, Tea and nuts will be available. 

For more information about Guelph and the venue please contact Sacred Wisdom Center.